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Interactive & Insightful Storytelling

About Me


I was introduced to storytelling by my uncle Charlie Lee West, Mr. Vest and my cousin Willie C. Davis.  Pursued a career as an actor, writer and puppeteer before finding my calling as a storyteller...AND I STILL GOT STORIES TO TELL!


Storytelling Presentations

Storytelling Programs 

(Uncle Remus Tales, World Folktales, West African Folktales, East African Folktales, Folktales of the Americas


Historical Characters  

  • Frederick Douglass

Akbar portrays the heroic story of Frederick Douglass from his birth in 1818 to his death in 1895.  Akbar’s portrayal will provide insight into how Frederick freed himself from slavery and became an outspoken abolitionist and a champion of women’s rights as well. 

  • James Weldon Johnson

Akbar tells the extraordinary story of James Weldon Johnson who was a Black national author, lyricist for Broadway shows,   diplomat, lawyer and the executive secretary for the       NAACP.

  • Donald L. Hollowell

Akbar brings to life, Donald L. Hollowell’s story.  A story of a man who greatly impacted the civil rights movement as a lawyer for the Atlanta Student Movement.  Akbar’s historical performance will also share with the audience, Donald L. Hollowell’s involvement with the Buffalo Soldiers, his life as a young star athlete as well as being a U.S veteran. 

Puppetry Programs 

(Folktales from Around the World, African Folktales)


Adult Programs

Unique & Universal theme oriented stories for conferences, banquets, seminars & special occasions

  • Themes-oriented programs for your event
  • Original Stories


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